No compromise when it comes to safety

Delivering some of the most secure sorting systems for 30 years, Machinex continues to provide innovative equipment designed for SAFETY. Our internal Health & Safety Committee combines numerous certified CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert members, whom are highly engaged when designing equipment such as the Mach Hyspec optical sorter. Constantly focusing on industries’ requirements for SAFETY, Machinex Experts actively contribute to drafting those requirements as proud members of the National Waste & Recycling Association ANSI Z245 Accredited Standards Committee.

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Data-driven operations through the MACH INTELL™ PLATFORM

Measure your investments with a unique tool analyzing your real-time operational data. Machinex, as the Sorting Technologies Expert, positions R&D as part of its core business structure, with such a focus helping to develop its own operation monitoring software. While we continue to provide innovative equipment designed for performance, the MACH INTELL™ solution integrated into our MACH Hyspec® optical sorter enhances comprehension of the material stream for a desired period of time, monitors selected KPIs, and allows for the export of targeted statistics. The MACH INTELL™ platform is also integrated on our SamurAI® sorting robots for combined operational data that is key to optimal MRF management.



Constantly focusing on the industries’ requests and requirements, Machinex offers an optical sorter with ergonomic design providing ease of access for maintenance and servicing. Along with safety features, maintenance and operational availability are our core focus. Reduce cleaning and maintenance downtime by 50% and increase profitability with our Mach Hyspec®.

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